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What is a Scar Revision?

Scar revision is one of the most common procedures that a plastic surgeon performs. The best scar revisions are made with a scalpel, closed primarily in layers without tension. The procedure is performed in a sterile environment and monitored closely. However more traumatic lacerations may not meet these criteria and often result in a less than optimal scar. Surgical revision is not indicated for every scar; however, if appropriate can result in a finer, less noticeable line. It is best to wait 10-12 months following the initial injury to perform a surgical scar revision. This allows the scar to fully mature before deciding if re-excision and closure will be beneficial.

There are many nonsurgical methods to treat abnormal scars as well including laser and or massage. Simple scar massage at 4-6 weeks is an excellent way to improve collagen deposition and alignment. Additionally it tends to soften and smooth scars. However, sometimes simple scar massage isn’t enough and therefore a patient may need laser to help minimize the scar. Dr. McClellan can explain these options further with you during your consultation.

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